Friday, 20 March 2015

Save St Bees School #savestbeesschool


Well, as some of you may know form previous blog posts, I work at "St Bees School" and last Friday 13th March we were dropped the biggest unexpected bombshell that the school is to close 4th July 2015. There has been a fall in pupil numbers This means they cannot sustainable run the school anymore.

This is completely devastating and heartbreaking for us all and I feel as though I have been grieving for the last week. We have received an overwhelming response from the community local, national and internationally.

The pupils have made this video stating what the school means to them, please watch and share:


We have received support from famous old boys Stuart Lancaster and Rowan Atkinson, and there is a "Rescue St Bees School Group" set up to try and come up with a viable business plan to save the school, they need to raise 2million to sustain the school for 2 years and the current funds raised stands at £250 K in just over a week.

This is very overwhelming, when I have to continue to work with the children on a daily basis, faced with the uncertainty of whether I will be facing the dole queue this summer.